Welcome to Gainesville Florida's Superior Horse Camp. This is the home page of Madonna's Equestrian Academy in Gainesville Florida, 32609. Here you will find information about all types of Horse related functions. Some to include would be Horse riding, Horseback riding, Horseback riding lessons, Trail Riding, Summer Camps,Camps, Boarding, Transporting, Horse sales, Horse showing, Horse Training, Breaking horses, and just plain ol fun.

Your horse riding and horseback riding would all consist of you and a horse riding though a wooded area with Madonna as a guide. There is also horse riding, and horseback riding availiable in the arenas. This would also include all the Trail riding that you would be doing.

The horse camps and the summer horse camps would all consist of a few days of rest and relaxation in one of Gainesville Florida's Finest Camps availiable.

All horse boarding is done at madonnas farm. You have choices of full boarding and pasture boarding.

Transporting of horses is also availiable, please call for details on how we can transport your horse for you.

The sale of some horses is also done at Madonna's equestrian academy. If you have a horse you would like to sell, you can post it here for a small fee.

We pride ourselves on the ability to show horses. Horse showings happen alot here at Madonnas Equestrian academy. If you would like to learn more about showing your own horse at a horse show, please contact madonna.

Would you like your horse trained? Madonna's equestrian academy also trains horses. If you are wanting a quality training, this is the place to get it. Madonna will train your horse for you at her Horse Farm.

Do you need your horse broke, no I dont mean broke like broke in half, but broke as in trained to learn to train? Well come on down to Madonna's equestrian academy and we will help you break your horse.

We know you want to have fun right? what could be more fun then riding horses. If you would like to ride a horse, through our trails or in our arenas. Or if you are just looking for some horse riding, or horseback riding lessons, then let us know. We have it all at Madonna's Equestrian Academy.